Monster ID

One User Name, One Password, Full Access

How to Get Started


The Problem

Students have used different user names and passwords for applications and services such as Gila Hank Online, Canvas, and On-Campus wireless internet access. Managing several IDs and passwords is not the easiest thing to do.


The Solution

Monster ID to the rescue! Soon this one ID will allow you access to all EAC systems. To start with, your Monster ID will get you into Gila Hank Online, Canvas online classes, control your Student Network Access and give you access to all of our new MonsterApps like MonsterMail and Calendar.

Gila Hank On-Line is the place to go if you ever want to change your password. You can use your Monster ID to access Gila Hank On-Line to set your password there and then use the same Monster ID and updated password in other EAC systems like Canvas and MonsterMail.

Your single Monster ID also controls your Google Gmail-driven MonsterMail address. If your Monster ID were abc13 your new email address would be Your MonsterMail account is where all official emails from EAC will be sent, but we hope you'll use it for everything. It's also just fun to have a Monster of an email address.


The Future

Not all EAC systems will use your Monster ID yet, but they soon will. Please be patient with us during our transition.


How to Get Started

You can get started using your Monster ID by going to Gila Hank On-Line and logging in.

If you've used Gila Hank On-Line before:

  • Go to or go to the Gila Hank On-Line login page and click the link in the first paragraph
  • Log in as you have in the past using your existing email and password to get in
  • Change your password when you're prompted
  • You'll be given your new Monster ID
  • Use your new Monster ID everywhere

If you've never used Gila Hank On-Line before:

  • Go to Gila Hank On-Line at
  • Log in with the Monster ID you were given when you first enrolled at EAC (the password is your student ID number including the zeroes)
  • Change your password when you're prompted
  • Use your new Monster ID everywhere

It's that easy. If you've used Gila Hank On-Line in the past but forgotten your password or user name, there are links to help you with that.