Degrees and Certificates

Dual Enrollment (High School)

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AA = Associate of Arts - Transfer degree
AAS = Associate of Applied Science - Training in a specific discipline; transfer possible
ABus = Associate of Business -Transfer degree
AS = Associate of Science - Transfer degree
BAS Track = Leads to Bachelor of Applied Science online degree through University
Cert = Certificate - Training in a specific discipline


Administration of Justice - AJS (AA), AJS (AAS), AJS (AAS-BAS Track), Basic Peace Officer Academy (Cert), Law Enforcement Office Assistant (Cert), Law Enforcement Technology (Cert)

Administrative Professional - Administrative Information Services (AAS), Business Technology Specialist Certificate (Cert), Business Office Assistant (Cert)

Advanced Manufacturing - Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AAS), Fab Lab Technician (Cert), Manufacturing and Design Technician (Cert), Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Cert)

Allied Health - Nursing Assistant (Cert), Medical Laboratory Assistant (Cert), Medical Assistant (Cert), Patient Care Technician (Cert), Phlebotomist (Cert)

Anthropology - Anthropology (AA)

Art - Art (AA), Art Education (AA)

Automotive - Automotive Service Consultant (Cert), Automotive Service Technology (AAS), Automotive Technician (Cert)

Biology - Biological Science (AS), Forestry (AA), Wildlife Biology (AS), Environmental Technology (AAS)

Business - Bookkeeping (Cert), Business (AAS), Business (ABus), Business Education (AA), Fundamentals of Project Mgmt (Cert), Retail Management (Cert), Small Business Management (AAS), Small Business Proprietor (Cert)

CADD / Drafting - Computer Assisted Design and Drafting and Technology (AAS), Computer Assisted Design and Drafting Technology - Levels I and II (Certs)

Chemistry - Chemistry (AS)

Communication Studies - Communication Studies (AA)

Computers - Database Support (Cert), Personal Computer Systems / Networking (Cert), Computer Information Specialist (AAS), Computer Information Systems (ABus)

Cosmetology - Cosmetology (AAS, Cert), Cosmetology Instructor (Cert), Nail Technician (Cert)

Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education (AAS, AAS-BAS Track, Cert)

Education - Elementary Education (AA), Secondary Education (AA), Technical Education (AA)

Electrical & Instrumentation - Electrical & Instrumentation Tech (Cert), Electrical & Instrumentation Technology (AAS)

Engineering - Engineering (AS)

English and Languages - English (AA), Languages (AA)

Geology - Geology (AS)

Graphic Design - Graphic Design (AAS, Cert)

Health and Physical Education - Health and Physical Education (AA), Personal Trainer (Cert), Personal Trainer (AAS), Personal Trainer (AA), Pre-Physical Therapy (AA), Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapies (Cert), Sports Studies (AA)

History - History (AA)

HVAC-R - HVAC-R (Cert)

Mathematics - Mathematics (AS)

Media Communications - Media Communications (AAS, Cert)

Music - Music (AA with Instrumental, Piano or Vocal emphasis)

Nursing - Licensed Practical Nurse (Cert), Nursing Assistant (Cert), Nursing (AAS)

Paramedicine - Emergency Medical Technician (Cert - Basic or Paramedic), Fire Science (AAS, Cert)

Physics - Physics (AS)

Political Science - Political Science (AA)

Psychology - Psychology (AA)

Sociology - Sociology (AA)

Sports Medicine - Health and Physical Education (AA), Personal Trainer (Cert), Personal Trainer (AAS), Personal Trainer (AA), Pre-Physical Therapy (AA), Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapies (Cert), Sports Studies (AA)

Theatre Arts - Theatre Arts (AA)

Welding - Welding Technology (AAS, Cert)


EAC / GIFT / High School Consortium Programs of Study

The Consortium, which is comprised of Eastern Arizona College, Gila Institute For Technology (GIFT), and local high schools, adopts one or more Career and Technical Education Programs as a Program of Study. A Program of Study is a guide for high schools, high school students, and parents outlining high school-to college academic and career education coursework for various Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs funded through the Carl Perkins IV Grant.


Automotive - Automotive Technician (Cert), Automotive Service Technology (AAS)

Fort Thomas High School

Safford High School

Thatcher High School


Computer Assisted Design and Drafting (AAS)

All High Schools


Cosmetology - Cosmetology (Cert), Cosmetology (AAS)

All High Schools


Nursing - Nursing Assistant (Cert), Nursing (AAS)

All High Schools


Sports Medicine - Personal Trainer (Cert), Sports Medicine & Rehabilitative Therapies (Cert), Sports Studies (AA)

All High Schools