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The Eastern Arizona Tennis Team What kind of people would come to Thatcher, AZ to play tennis? I’ll tell you what kind of people; nine people, Actually nine women to be exact. Now bare with me as I tell you a story, About these nine women and their soon to be glory. Sophomore Mandi Rogers came back for a second year, Because she proved she loved tennis, and plays with no fear. We thought she liked soccer, swimming, and track, But tennis is her destiny, born to be the leader of our pack. Out-of-State, coming from Santa Fe, New Mexico, There’s no doubt in my mind she’ll start out this season with a show. Her sidekick Ash Lee Hatch comes from Flagstaff, A-Z. She started off playing basketball for E-A-C. A small interest in tennis from a friend we both knew, She asked to be on the team, and arrived on cue. Doing well last year and improving her game, She comes back again to continue the same. Maria Milligan is back to give EA support, Not to play Volleyball, but on the Tennis court. Coming from Duncan she puts up the scores, She’s only 5’2 and her serve is better than yours. After two years of Volleyball and one year for me, She plays #1 this year so watch her and see. Our only Hometown girl, Kelleye Blan, A very strong player with a very good plan. She plays very smart and uses her mind, No other team has one; she’s one of a kind. After Trials and Tribulations in her life this past year, She needed an escape, and found it here. But enough with the sophomores, let’s talk about the rest. Our five little freshmen, the up and coming best. She came as a walk-on with very little knowledge, Now she’s at the level of playing for college. Growing up in Stailey, AZ but ready to go, She’s the quietest on the team; you guessed it, Janice Werito. Her best friend Lucrecia Nuno gives us advice on what to wear, She brings pretty ribbons to tie in our hair. If you watch her on the net, you better take note, Don’t set her up or she’ll slam it down your throat. She’s a strong doubles player out of Nogales, Arizona, And she speaks fluent Spanish…y yo voya ganar ahora. A consistent player is just what we need, So we turn to Miami, AZ to give us that lead. Jacquelyn Varela is smart in her play, If at first she can’t succeed, she tries until she finds a way No matter where the ball goes she’ll return it every time, If you don’t watch your alley, she’ll smack it down the line. Spanish Fork, UT being the furthest away, Lauri Howell packed her bags and came ready to play. When the team can’t eat before practice, Lauri brings them their lunch. But when it comes to running hard, she inspires this bunch. She always plays hard and never runs out of steam, Making her and Maria the perfect #1 Doubles Team. From the same place as Lauri we finish with the youngest of them all, Amanda Daniels is known to put power behind every ball. She comes to practice on her baby blue scooter, She could take Lauri’s car, but that just wouldn’t suit her. If you know her personality you’d say she’s quite funny, But put her on the tennis court and her overhead is “money!” Ask any of the girls and they’ll gladly say, We’ve ran hard since the beginning, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Since the first day of school we’ve made practice rough, To prepare for the season, now I know they’ll be tough. If we play with confidence and keep our goals high, We’ll play at our peak, and give winning a try. After a rough first year we finally pulled it together, Now we have an awesome team that will do much better. We’re eager to start and put our hard work to the test, Because by May we’ll be saying EA is the best. Come out and watch us and have lots of fun, Or you’ll miss some good matches that the EA has won.

Written by: Laura Goutcher - Head Coach Jason Ramirez - Assistant Coach