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Monster Teams and Individuals Receive NJCAA Academic Recognition

Eastern Arizona College was recently honored by the NJCAA for their efforts in the classroom. Seven team sports were recognized for attaining GPA’s of 3.0 or higher.

Tennis 3.45 GPA

Golf 3.38 GPA (6th in the country)

Volleyball 3.36 GPA

Baseball 3.34 GPA (6th in the country)

Men’s Basketball 3.34 GPA (2nd in the country)

Women’s Basketball 3.22 GPA

Softball 3.20 GPA

In following students achieved Superior Academic Achievement (3.80-4.00) for their efforts:

Patricia Husakova 3.96 Tennis

Suncica Bakic 3.80 Volleyball

Sarah Fitzherbert-Velasco 3.80 Softball

The following achieved Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.60-3.79):

Greg Dobbins 3.66 Golf

Congratulations to these students and all the teams that were honored!