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Gila Monsters Excel in the Classroom

The 2012-13 year was another successful one for the Gila Monsters in the classroom. Final grades came out over the summer and all seven qualifying teams topped the 3.0 GPA cutoff. The following team GPA’s were attained by the respective team and ranking in the country among all schools having that sport:

Women’s Tennis 3.63 GPA 5th

Women’s Basketball 3.46 GPA 7th

Softball 3.42 12th

Men’s Basketball 3.41 2nd

Volleyball 3.36 20th

Baseball 3.28 6th

Golf 3.13 24th.

Individual awards were also attained by Gila Monster student-athletes:

Superior Academic Achievement (3.8-3.99)

Rebeka Barney Volleyball

Ashley Pedro Volleyball/Tennis

Amara Wainwright Women’s Basketball

Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.60-3.79)

Erik Barriga Baseball

Yvanna Bejarano Softball

Olivia Hornstein Softball

Anita Pecurcika Women’s Basketball

Jason Ralph Baseball

Hannah Rost Softball.